How we work

At Claro Consulting Ltd, we will run an initial assessment to identify your needs, leading to a proposal with timescales, costs and outcomes; using a 3-step process we will tailor the right solution for you

Collect: Define your pain-point

Together, we define your requirements & expectations; what business-pain are you seeking to resolve? Once defined, we spend time in your business collecting data, speaking to you and your employees to understand how your business works and to get a true picture of where you are now.

Create: Delve into your business

Based on the outcomes of the “Collect” Stage, we will develop a set of recommendations to enable you to achieve your required outcomes. This is an iterative process as you decide which recommendations merit further interrogation to take forward into a final implementation plan.

Consult: Deliver your plan

At the end of the “Create” Stage, we will deliver a plan that outlines key action points and activities required to achieve your objectives, along with a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to enable you to monitor outcomes.