Why Choose Us

Claro Consulting has been built on 20-years’ experience of working in a FTSE30 company working with senior teams and directors, successfully turning around under-performing business areas by asking the right questions at the right time to develop pragmatic solutions and strategies for growth.

We operate under three core principles of Respect, Honesty and Clarity…

  • Respect:

    show regard or consideration for; Courteous, Understanding & Reputable

    We operate under mutual respect, we respect your business, you built it. We won’t provide solutions to you or your team without first understanding the business environment and your specific challenges.

  • Honesty:

    honourable in principles, intentions and actions; Authentic, Direct & Reliable

    Consulting is best achieved when operating a two-way street in communication. We will always talk to you about the opportunities or challenges you face. We are committed to finding the right solution for your organisation.

  • Clarity:

    easy to understand, free from complexity; Accurate, Simple & Supportive

    We love the challenge of finding the right solution for you; we focus on what matters, your business. We will follow a framework, but your solution will be bespoke for you, tailored to your needs, budget and timescale.

  • At Claro Consulting Ltd we take a practical approach to consultancy, we use a combination of industry best practice coupled with significant experience of creating business strategy, leading change and implementing operational plans.

  • At Claro Consulting Ltd, we will run an initial assessment to identify your needs, leading to a proposal with timescales, costs and outcomes; everything is focused around you and your business to enable a bespoke solution. This is not a one size fits all consultancy.